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Long thinking-time testing of LC Zero


Playing conditions:


Hardware: i7-6700HQ (2.6 GHz) Notebook (Quadcore), Windows 10 64bit, 12GB RAM

Fritzmark: 4 cores / 7 threads: 18.4 / 8825 (CPU-speed reduced to 99% (to switch off the Intel Turbo Boost))

GPU (used by LC Zero): Nvidia Cuda Gforce GTX 950M (4GB memory, grafics: 914 MHz, memory: 1.25 GHz)

LC Zeros Rollout-speed is very unstable. On that GPU it is around 600-1200 Rollouts/s in the middlegame and 1000-2000 Rollouts/s in the endgame. In the middlegame the Search-depth output is normally around 21 (20-22). LC Zero uses 8 threads (-t 8), because I measured, that on my PC, this setting is around 15% faster, than t 2 (default), although LC Zero use the GPU for its calculations. On my PC, LC Zero reaches depth 25 in 92'' in the starting position (800 rollouts/s).

Hash: 1 GB per engine

GUI: Fritz 13 GUI (no draw, no resign)

Tablebases: None

Openings: 100 positions with only 2 pawn-plies (= 1 move). Download them here

Ponder, Large Memory Pages: Off

Thinking time: 12'+5'' per game/engine (average game-duration: 30'-40', so around 40-50 games per day are played). Average thinking time in the middlegame is around 15'' per move.


LC Zero Github (information, download): here

A small step-by-step manual, how to use LC Zero in the FritzGUI and ShredderGUI: here

Download all played games here


Current participants: LC Zero v0.7 (GPU) Net 162 plays a gauntlet vs. 5 opponents: Arminius 170101 (Elo: 2502), Greko 2018.2 (Elo: 2507), Gogobello 1.4 (Elo: 2534), Pro Deo 2.2 (Elo 2535), Cheese 1.9 (Elo 2543). Average opponent CEGT Elo (singlecore, 40m/20'): 2524

All engines running with default settings.


Latest update: 2018/04/24


Here a first preview-result (78 games played). The idea for future testing of LC Zero is, to play at least 7-8 days with one network, which will give around 300 games...


lczero v0.7 (GPU) N 162 : 78 (+ 25,= 20,- 33), 44.9 %, Elo-performance: 2488