Stefan Pohl Computer Chess

private website for chessengine-tests

Here you find the latest 15 games of the long thinking-time tournament with short (& spectacular) wins of LC Zero (not longer than 75 moves until mate).


The latest 15 short games can be replayed with the PGN-Viewer from (a nice little tool, very easy to use). You can download the HTML-code, which I use to embed the PGN-Viewer, here


Last update: 2018/04/24 (12 new short games since the last update)



The numbers in []-brackets mean: 

[00:00:23] = thinking time (hours:minutes:seconds)

[162,19] = evaluation in centipawns from white's point of view (example: +1.62 pawns advantage for white) and the search depth (example: 19 plies)