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View Stockfish vs Lc0 longtime games (short wins)


Here you can see the shortest wins of the latest longtime-test of Stockfish vs Lc0. Each testrun 300 games with Noomen lowdraw-openings (selected openings from TCEC superfinals) and 5'+3'' thinking-time (Lc0) / 7.5'+4.5'' (Stockfish). This thinking-time gives a perfect Leela-Ratio of 1.0 on the used PC hardware: i7-8750H 2.6GHz (Hexacore, TurboBoost mode off) Notebook, RTX 2060 GPU. Average game-duration: 20 minutes.

Many thanks to ChessBase for the pgn-replayer tool, which is very easy to use (only 3 lines of code!) and very powerful - use the fan (propeller?)-icon right near the arrows below the chessboard, to start and stop the online-analyzing with the Fritz-engine!

A description and a manual of the pgn-replayer can be found here


Latest update: 2021/10/28


Enjoy !