Stefan Pohl Computer Chess

private website for chessengine-tests

Download the Anti Draw Openings collection here


Download the UHO XXL openings developed for Stockfish Framework here


Download the GamePairs Rescoring Tool here


Download the WorldChampionship-games openings-sets here


Download the LittleBlitzerGUI tools by Thomas Zipproth here


Download the HERT openings-set (by Thomas Zipproth) here


Download the actual gamebase of Stockfish-testing here


Download the AB-testrun HERT archive-gamebase here


Download the games of the NN vs SF testing here


Download the games of the Stockfish Regression testing here


Download the longtime-games (game-duration 20 minutes) of Stockfish vs. Lc0 here


Download the ultra-short 4-moves openings (with books) V3.0 here 


Download some big classical human openings-sets (analyzed, up to 100k lines) here


Download 2 sets with No-Castling-Chess (Kramnik's idea) openings here


Download the Noomen SuFi LowDraw openings (269 lines) here


Download all Chess960 openings as a PGN-file here


Download a short manual and some other helpful files for using the LittleBlitzerGUI here


Download the LittleBlitzerGUI here


Download Cutechess-cli (with example for testing lc0-Nets very fast): here


Download of freeware chessengines: Stockfish development versions, BrainFish


Download of my Autoplayer Batch-Tool for automatic analyzing and play here


Download of a 50%-50% mixed openings-set of UHO_XXL and noob_3mvs here


Engine-ratinglists, which I recommend: FGRLCEGT



News & talk about computerchess: CSS (german)Talkchess



If a link is broken, please contact me...