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Home of famous UHO openings and EAS Ratinglist

Download the UHO 2024 Openings here


Download the UHO 2022 Openings here


Download the Anti Draw Openings collection here


Download the Engines Aggressiveness Statistics Tool here


Download the Sacrifice Games Search Turbo Tool here


Download the Interesting Wins Search Tool here


Download the Short Games Analyzer Tool here


Download the GamePairs Rescoring Tool here


Download the LittleBlitzerGUI tools by Thomas Zipproth here


Download the HERT openings-set (by Thomas Zipproth) here


Download the ultra-short 4-moves openings (with books) V3.0 here 


Download some big classical human openings-sets (analyzed, up to 100k lines) here


Download 2 sets with No-Castling-Chess (Kramnik's idea) openings here


Download all Chess960 openings as a PGN-file here


Download a short manual and some other helpful files for using the LittleBlitzerGUI here


Download the LittleBlitzerGUI here


Download Cutechess-cli (with example for testing lc0-Nets very fast): here


Download of freeware chessengines: Stockfish development versions, BrainFish


Download/see my short manual with 6 important pgn-extract commands: here


Engine-ratinglists, which I recommend: FGRLCEGT



News & talk about computerchess: CSS (german)Talkchess



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