Stefan Pohl Computer Chess

private website for chessengine-tests

Download the Armageddon Openings here


Download the Drawkiller Openings here


Download the LittleBlitzerGUI tools by Thomas Zipproth here


Download the HERT openings-set (by Thomas Zipproth) here


Download the gamebase of Stockfish-testing here


Download the games of the Lc0 / NN engines testruns here


Download the archive-gamebase 2017-2018 here


Download the archive-gamebase 2019 here


Download all old games of the long thinking-time tournament here


Download the SALC V5.02 openings (and books for Fritz, Shredder and Arena) here


Download the edited J.Noomen openings here


Download the ultra-short 4-moves openings (with books) V3.0 here


Download a short manual and some other helpful files for using the LittleBlitzerGUI here


Download the LittleBlitzerGUI here


Download Cutechess-cli (with example for testing lc0-Nets very fast): here


Download of freeware chessengines: Stockfish development versions, Stockfish ultimaiq compiles, BrainFish, asmFish


Engine-ratinglists, which I recommend: FGRLIPON, CEGTCCRL


Stockfish bulletspeed testruns in selfplay (10000 games vs. Stockfish 7): NCM-dev-builds-tests



News & talk about computerchess: CSS (german)TalkchessImmortalChess2U




If a link is broken, please contact me...