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4 new (and better!) settings for the Millenium TheKing Element and TheKing Performance Chesscomputers.


First of all, I have to say, that the Millenium TheKing Element and TheKing Performance are absolutely fantastic chesscomputers (I own both machines, of course). The active play of TheKing is entertaining and pure fun. And the opportunity to build own settings, which change the style of play in a really dramatically way, is just awesome. And no other chesscomputer has this cool feature as far as I know. I highly recommend to buy one of these machines, they are fantastic (no, I do not get money from Millenium, this is my personal opinion). And I recommend to build own settings and make TheKing play in the way, you like it.


For the development of these settings, I used the King 3.50 PC-Engine, because that is the only way to play a lot of games (automatically) for a valid rating of settings. Because one PC-core (I used some Quadcore notebooks) was around 15x faster, than the King-Element, I played all games with 80''+1.35'' (King 3.50) and 53''+0.9'' (opponent engines), which means around 20'+20'' thinking-time on the King-Element (around 45 seconds per move in the middlegame down to 20 seconds per move in the late endgame)

Because King had only 512 Kbyte Hash (because the King-Element has only somewhat over 300 Kbyte Hashtables) and the 7 opponent engines had 128MByte Hash, the opponent engines got 1/3 less thinking-time, than the King. I used 3 PCs and adjusted the thinking-time to their speed, so, that each game had the same number of calculated nodes per played move. So, in some games, the thinking-time was somewhat higher than 80''+1.35'' and in some games (on a faster machine) the thinking-time was somewhat lower. Each setting played 200 games (Noomen 100 short openings were used as openings) versus 7 opponent engines (=1400 games). All 7 engines are close in strength in CEGT ratinglist to the King 3.50 engine:

Rebel 13, Delfi 5.4, K2 0.95, Gandalf 7, RedQueen 1.1.98, Orion 0.6, Ruffian Leiden

I used cutechess-cli and played all games to mate, draw or a 5-piece Syzygy-position.

For the development of my settings, more than 80 settings were tried and more than 120.000 games (!) were played, until I found the best settings...For all settings Selectivity=12 was used, because selectivity=Auto does not exist in the King 3.50 PC-engine.

I did a huge test of several Selectivity-settings (sel=06, sel=09, sel=12, sel=16 and sel=20) in games starting with an endgame-position. This test proved, that Sel=20 is the strongest setting!

See the results here

I call my settings the TrS-Settings, because I started their development from the old Chessmaster Trepidation setting, which I made symmetrical (=Tr(epdiation) S(ymmetrical)) and raised the value for pawn-structure (mypw and oppw) to 140/140 (except in the TrS Aggressive Setting, which is for entertaining coffeehouse-chess). A high value for pawn-structure was very important to me, because in my opinion, all default King-settings dont give the pawn-structure a high priority in their gameplay, which often leads to very „non-human“ and very chaotical chess.

Then, I tried to reach nearly the same draw-ratio, than the default King-settings, because the draw-ratio is a good indicator, how aggressive or solid a setting plays.


Here the ratinglist with all results (corresponding colors are corresponding setting playing-styles):

     Program                     Elo    +    -   Games   Score   Av.Op.  Draws

   1 TheKing TrS Normal        : 2555   13   13  1400    58.3 %   2496   23.8 %
   2 Rebel 13                  : 2547   12   12  1800    58.5 %   2486   22.7 %
   3 Delfi 5.4                 : 2536   11   11  1800    57.0 %   2486   21.3 %
   4 TheKing Normal            : 2530   13   13  1400    54.9 %   2496   25.6 %
   5 TheKing TrS Active        : 2526   12   12  1400    54.3 %   2496   17.0 %
   6 TheKing TrS Solid         : 2519   13   13  1400    53.4 %   2496   33.4 %
   7 Gandalf 7                 : 2505   11   11  1800    52.6 %   2486   21.9 %
   8 K2 0.95                   : 2503   11   11  1800    52.4 %   2486   19.2 %
   9 TheKing Active            : 2493   12   12  1400    49.6 %   2496   18.3 %
  10 TheKing Solid             : 2486   13   13  1400    48.6 %   2496   30.0 %
  11 RedQueen 1.1.98           : 2482   11   11  1800    49.5 %   2486   19.4 %
  12 TheKing TrS Aggressive    : 2452   12   12  1400    43.9 %   2496    7.6 %
  13 Orion 0.6                 : 2451   11   11  1800    45.2 %   2486   24.7 %
  14 Ruffian Leiden            : 2445   11   11  1800    44.4 %   2486   19.8 %
  15 TheKing Defensive         : 2417   13   13  1400    39.1 %   2496   29.4 %
  16 TheKing Aggressive        : 2390   13   13  1400    35.6 %   2496    6.6 %


Download all played games (each played move with depth and evaluation) here



Here the results, comparing the default settings with the TrS settings:


Normal (both settings are symmetrical, which is good for analyzing mode):

Default Normal setting: Score 54.9%, Draws: 25.6%

TrS Normal setting: Score 58.3%, Draws: 23.8%



Default Active setting: Score 49.6%, Draws: 18.3%

TrS Active setting: Score 54.3%, Draws: 17.0%



Default Solid setting: Score 48.6%, Draws: 30.0%

TrS Solid setting: Score 53.4%, Draws: 33.4%


As you can see, the TrS-settings play measureable stronger (around +35 Elo) and have a draw-ratio, which is very close to the default-settings. And the TrS Active setting does not use a small pawn material-value, like the default Active setting (81/81), for questionable pawn sacrifices. The TrS Active setting has a pawn value of 110/110(!) and a pawn-structure value of 140/140(!) (pawn-structure value of the default Active setting is only 81/81).

The TrS Normal setting has a pawn-structure value of 140/140, too (default Normal setting: 100/100). And the TrS Solid setting has a pawn-structure value of 160/160(!).

So, the really important fact about the TrS-settings is the much higher pawn-structure value and the not-lowered pawn-material value, compared to the corresponding default settings, not the somewhat better Elo performance (except the Just-for-fun TrS-Aggressive setting, of course).


And last bot not least, the Aggressive setting, which is for fun and entertaining coffeehouse-chess, only...


Default Aggressive setting: Score: 35.6%, Draws: 6.6%

TrS Aggressive setting: Score: 43.9%, Draws: 7.6%


The TrS Aggressive Setting is +62 Elo stronger (!!!) and had only 1% more draws... that is just awesome!



And here are the TrS-settings (and a new setting by me, TrS Schroeder, which never plays pawn-sacrifices (hopefully)):

             TrS Solid  TrS Normal  TrS Active  TrS Aggressive  TrS Schroeder
Pawn         110/110    110/110     110/110     85/85           110/110
Knight       113/113    113/113     113/113     113/113         113/113
Bishop       113/113    113/113     113/113     113/113         113/113
Rook         114/114    114/114     114/114     116/114         114/114
Queen        116/116    116/116     116/116     121/116         116/116
Space        120/120    120/120     120/120     150/70          80/80
Mobility     80/120     120/120     150/90      180/120         80/80
King Safety  160/80     160/160     90/150      60/180          105/105
Pass Pawn    60/120     110/110     120/100     150/60          70/70
Pawn Weak    160/160    140/140     140/140     60/60           95/95

Suggested Selectivity setting for all TrS-settings is 20 (instead of "Auto" (default), because I did a huge test of different Seletivity-settings, that proved, Selectivity=20 is clearly better in the endgame. In the middlegame it is meaningless, if "Auto" or 20 is used.). See the results of this test here

Additionally, setting the Contempt to +0.20 is recommended.



Of course, other people developed TheKing settings, too. But these settings are not tested with a lot of games, using the TheKing PC engine, so it is not clear, how strong they are. So, use them at your own risk... The first 5 settings ("Native King" are the 5 default settings). Kudos to "Spacious Mind" for this nice picture!


Finally, some more settings for the old Chessmaster 11 PC-program, which uses TheKing engine.


The parameters mean:

myp/opp = Pawn, myn/opn = Knight, myb/opb = Bishop, myr/opr = Rook, myq/opq = Queen material values.

mycc/opcc = Space (if only a "cc" parameter exists, mycc and opcc have the same value)

mymob/opmob = Mobility (if only a "mob" parameter exists, mymob and opmob have the same value)

myks/opks = King Safety (if only a "ks" parameter exists, myks and opks have the same value)

mypp/oppp = Pass Pawn (if only a "pp" parameter exists, mypp and oppp have the same value)

mypw/oppw = Pawn Weak (if only a "pw" parameter exists, mypw and oppw have the same value)

cfd = Draw-factor (if it is >0, TheKing tries to avoid draws)

sel = Selectivity

avd = Attacker vs. Defender (this parameter does not exist in TheKing Chesscomputers, so ignore it)

md = Maximal search-depth (this parameter does not exist in TheKing Chesscomputers, so ignore it)

sop = Strength of play (this parameter does not exist in TheKing Chesscomputers, so ignore it)

rnd = Random (using the random function in TheKing Chesscomputers increases the variety of play, but decreases the playing strength. I recommend to set it to 0, because the opening-books play with a high variety and different settings play very different moves - no need for a random function...)


CM11 1c3b3rg (Evgenii Manev) opp=110 opn=110 opb=115 opr=110 opq=110 myp=110 myn=110 myb=115 myr=110 myq=110 cc=100 mob=100 ks=135 pp=115 pw=110 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=20
CM11 Abderian (Luis Barutti) opp=118 opn=120 opb=120 opr=119 opq=121 myp=118 myn=120 myb=120 myr=119 myq=121 mycc=126 mymob=125 myks=150 mypp=121 mypw=115 opcc=126 opmob=125 opks=170 oppp=120 oppw=116 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Aiglos II (Cock de Gorter) opp=121 opn=123 opb=124 opr=128 opq=136 myp=121 myn=123 myb=124 myr=128 myq=136 cc=130 mob=130 ks=170 mypp=121 oppp=124 pw=124 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=23

CM11 AkAg myp=98 opp=98 myn=113 opn=113 myb=113 opb=113 myr=115 opr=114 myq=119 opq=116 mycc=135 opcc=95 mymob=165 opmob=105 myks=75 opks=165 mypp=135 oppp=80 mypw=100 oppw=100

CM11 Aragorn II (Cock de Gorter) opp=120 opn=127 opb=131 opr=125 opq=129 myp=120 myn=127 myb=131 myr=125 myq=129 cc=120 mob=125 ks=160 pp=120 pw=120 avd=4 cfd=0 sel=21

CM11 Archangel (Wael Deeb) myp=116 myn=120 myb=120 myr=120 myq=124 opp=116 opn=120 opb=120 opr=120 opq=124 mycc=124 mymob=124 myks=154 mypp=118 mypw=118 opcc=124 opmob=124 opks=154 oppp=118 oppw=118 avd=0 sel=21 cfd=0
CM11 Attakinski (Cock de Gorter) opp=120 opn=121 opb=122 opr=120 opq=124 myp=120 myn=121 myb=122 myr=120 myq=124 cc=130 mob=130 pp=122 pw=120 ks=160 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Aule (Cock de Gorter) opp=120 opn=123 opb=124 opr=129 opq=135 myp=120 myn=123 myb=124 myr=129 myq=135 cc=125 mob=120 ks=160 pp=123 pw=127 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Bait (Luis Barutti) opp=117 opn=120 opb=121 opr=119 opq=122 myp=117 myn=120 myb=121 myr=119 myq=122 mycc=120 mymob=132 myks=150 mypp=135 mypw=120 opcc=120 opmob=120 opks=170 oppp=135 oppw=120 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Balrog (Cock de Gorter) opp=110 opn=113 opb=114 opr=115 opq=117 myp=110 myn=113 myb=114 myr=115 myq=117 cc=115 mob=115 ks=160 mypp=110 oppp=112 pw=110 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=25
CM11 Black Magic (Graham Banks) opp=120 opn=123 opb=123 opr=126 opq=132 myp=120 myn=123 myb=123 myr=126 myq=132 cc=135 mob=135 ks=170 pp=120 pw=130 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Bomb (Luis Barutti) opp=114 opn=118 opb=118 opr=122 opq=126 myp=114 myn=118 myb=118 myr=122 myq=126 mycc=105 mymob=130 myks=150 mypp=110 mypw=115 opcc=105 opmob=130 opks=150 oppp=110 oppw=115 avd=5 cfd=-5 sel=22
CM11 Borg (Graham Banks) opp=120 opn=123 opb=123 opr=126 opq=132 myp=120 myn=123 myb=123 myr=126 myq=132 cc=127 mob=127 ks=165 pp=123 pw=123 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Chesgek+ (Dan Ellwein) opp=100 opn=100 opb=100 opr=100 opq=100 myp=90 myn=103 myb=103 myr=102 myq=101 cc=55 mob=55 ks=155 pp=55 pw=55 avd=0 cfd=0 sop=100 rnd=0 sel=16 md=99
CM11 Choisya (Arsha Mahdavi) opp=110 opn=113 opb=114 opr=115 opq=116 myp=110 myn=113 myb=114 myr=115 myq=116 cc=118 mob=118 ks=152 pp=112 pw=118 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Conqueror (Graham Banks) opp=100 opn=103 opb=106 opr=110 opq=115 myp=100 myn=103 myb=106 myr=110 myq=115 cc=105 mob=110 ks=150 pp=105 pw=105 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Crown (Luis Barutti) opp=118 opn=120 opb=120 opr=119 opq=121 myp=118 myn=120 myb=120 myr=119 myq=121 mycc=122 mymob=132 myks=150 mypp=136 mypw=120 opcc=122 opmob=120 opks=170 oppp=135 oppw=121 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Cruncher (Arsha Mahdavi) opp=109 opn=113 opb=114 opr=117 opq=125 myp=109 myn=113 myb=114 myr=117 myq=125 cc=117 mob=120 ks=161 pp=112 pw=114 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Etana (Eran van der Wolf) myp=108 myn=112 myb=111 myr=113 myq=126 opp=108 opn=112 opb=111 opr=113 opq=126 cc=119 mob=116 myks=154 opks=154 mypp=107 oppp=108 mypw=105 oppw=110 sel=21
CM11 Fallen Angel (Wael Deeb) myp=120 myn=124 myb=124 myr=124 myq=128 opp=120 opn=124 opb=124 opr=124 opq=128 mycc=132 mymob=132 myks=184 mypp=124 mypw=124 opcc=132 opmob=132 opks=184 oppp=124 oppw=124 avd=-2 sel=21 cfd=0
CM11 Fear II (Wael Deeb) myp=120 myn=124 myb=124 myr=128 myq=132 opp=120 opn=124 opb=124 opr=128 opq=132 mycc=142 mymob=142 myks=154 mypp=124 mypw=118 opcc=142 opmob=142 opks=172 oppp=128 oppw=128 avd=-4 sel=21 cfd=0
CM11 Galadriel II (Cock de Gorter) opp=117 opn=120 opb=121 opr=119 opq=123 myp=117 myn=120 myb=121 myr=119 myq=123 cc=127 mob=127 ks=160 mypp=117 oppp=120 pw=117 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Gandalf (Cock de Gorter) opp=110 opn=113 opb=115 opr=119 opq=125 myp=110 myn=113 myb=115 myr=119 myq=125 cc=115 mob=120 ks=170 pp=113 pw=117 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Gil-Galad (Cock de Gorter) opp=120 opn=121 opb=121 opr=119 opq=122 myp=120 myn=121 myb=121 myr=119 myq=122 cc=130 mob=130 pp=120 pw=120 ks=160 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=20
CM11 Glamdring (Cock de Gorter) opp=120 opn=127 opb=131 opr=125 opq=129 myp=120 myn=127 myb=131 myr=125 myq=129 cc=130 mob=130 ks=160 pp=120 oppw=120 mypw=100 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Glaurung (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=104 opr=109 opq=115 myp=100 myn=103 myb=104 myr=109 myq=115 cc=105 mob=110 ks=160 pp=103 pw=107 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Glorfindel (Cock de Gorter) opp=115 opn=119 opb=120 opr=119 opq=123 myp=115 myn=119 myb=120 myr=119 myq=123 cc=125 mob=125 ks=160 pp=117 pw=117 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Gothmog (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=105 opr=109 opq=115 myp=100 myn=103 myb=105 myr=109 myq=115 cc=105 mob=111 ks=150 pp=103 pw=107 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=25
CM11 Grimoald (Eran van der Wolf) myp=113 myn=115 myb=115 myr=118 myq=128 opp=113 opn=115 opb=115 opr=118 opq=128 cc=122 mob=119 myks=159 opks=166 mypp=112 oppp=113 mypw=110 oppw=115 sel=22
CM11 Gruffydd (Eran van der Wolf) opp=100 opn=109 opb=110 opr=115 opq=130 myp=100 myn=109 myb=110 myr=115 myq=130 mycc=110 mymob=100 opcc=110 opmob=105 myks=160 mypp=110 mypw=100 opks=165 oppp=110 oppw=105 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Gwaihir (Cock de Gorter) opp=117 opn=120 opb=121 opr=122 opq=123 myp=117 myn=120 myb=121 myr=122 myq=123 cc=122 mob=122 ks=160 mypp=117 oppp=119 pw=117 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=23
CM11 Haoma (Arsha Mahdavi) opp=100 opn=103 opb=104 opr=107 opq=116 myp=100 myn=103 myb=104 myr=107 myq=116 cc=110 mob=107 ks=140 pp=101 pw=101 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Havoc (Graham Banks) opp=100 opn=103 opb=103 opr=106 opq=110 myp=100 myn=103 myb=103 myr=106 myq=110 cc=110 mob=110 ks=140 pp=105 pw=100 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Hector (Eran van der Wolf) myp=115 myn=119 myb=117 myr=121 myq=140 opp=115 opn=119 opb=117 opr=121 opq=140 cc=129 mob=129 ks=158 pp=113 pw=115 sel=22 avd=0 cfd=0
CM11 Hercules (Eran van der Wolf) opp=114 opn=117 opb=117 opr=120 opq=129 myp=114 myn=117 myb=117 myr=120 myq=129 cc=121 mob=121 myks=156 opks=155 pp=114 oppw=116 mypw=113 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Holothuria (Arsha Mahdavi) opp=120 opn=123 opb=123 opr=125 opq=129 myp=120 myn=123 myb=123 myr=125 myq=129 cc=129 mob=127 ks=163 pp=122 pw=123 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Incubus II (Wael Deeb) myp=120 myn=124 myb=124 myr=128 myq=132 opp=120 opn=124 opb=124 opr=128 opq=132 mycc=132 mymob=132 myks=154 mypp=120 mypw=112 opcc=132 opmob=132 opks=172 oppp=124 oppw=124 avd=-2 sel=21 cfd=0
CM11 Inferno (Graham Banks) opp=120 opn=124 opb=127 opr=132 opq=150 myp=120 myn=124 myb=127 myr=132 myq=150 cc=126 mob=132 ks=180 pp=126 pw=126 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Innovation (Tom Mentel) myp=118 myn=121 myb=122 myr=124 myq=130 opp=118 opn=121 opb=122 opr=124 opq=130 mycc=127 mymob=127 myks=162 mypp=119 mypw=121 opcc=127 opmob=127 opks=162 oppp=121 oppw=121 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=20
CM11 Interpolate II (Arsha Mahdavi) opp=109 opn=112 opb=114 opr=116 opq=119 myp=109 myn=112 myb=114 myr=116 myq=119 cc=115 mob=115 ks=156 pp=112 pw=111 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Intimidation opp=117 opn=120 opb=120 opr=120 opq=123 myp=117 myn=120 myb=120 myr=120 myq=123 cc=120 mob=120 ks=170 pp=110 pw=110 sel=21 md=99
CM11 Inventor (Tom Mentel) myp=111 myn=114 myb=115 myr=117 myq=123 opp=110 opn=114 opb=115 opr=116 opq=122 mycc=119 mymob=120 myks=167 mypp=115 mypw=110 opcc=119 opmob=119 opks=162 oppp=113 oppw=114 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=23
CM11 Isildur opp=109 opn=112 opb=113 opr=111 opq=115 myp=109 myn=112 myb=113 myr=111 myq=115 cc=119 mob=119 ks=150 mypp=109 oppp=111 pw=110 cfd=0 sop=100 avd=0 rnd=0 sel=21 md=99
CM11 Judgement (Graham Banks) opp=100 opn=103 opb=103 opr=106 opq=110 myp=100 myn=103 myb=103 myr=106 myq=110 cc=108 mob=108 ks=150 pp=105 pw=100 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Jump (Luis Barutti) opp=110 opn=120 opb=120 opr=120 opq=140 myp=110 myn=120 myb=120 myr=120 myq=140 cc=130 mob=130 ks=140 pp=120 pw=120 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Jynx (Arsha Mahdavi) opp=110 opn=113 opb=113 opr=115 opq=116 myp=110 myn=113 myb=113 myr=115 myq=116 cc=122 mob=115 ks=150 pp=111 pw=124 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Kingfire (Tom Mentel) myp=109 myn=112 myb=115 myr=118 myq=124 opp=109 opn=112 opb=115 opr=118 opq=124 mycc=116 mymob=116 myks=166 mypp=115 mypw=113 opcc=116 opmob=116 opks=166 oppp=116 oppw=113 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=25
CM11 Kromleh (Evgeni Manev) opp=111 opn=107 opb=108 opr=100 opq=112 myp=111 myn=107 myb=108 myr=100 myq=113 cc=150 mob=140 ks=145 pp=120 pw=100 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 LA (Tom Mentel) myp=108 myn=112 myb=113 myr=115 myq=120 opp=108 opn=112 opb=113 opr=115 opq=120 mycc=115 mymob=118 myks=152 mypp=111 mypw=113 opcc=115 opmob=118 opks=152 oppp=111 oppw=113 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Lacetti (Swaminathan) opp=121 opn=123 opb=124 opr=125 opq=128 myp=122 myn=123 myb=124 myr=126 myq=130 mycc=128 mymob=129 myks=173 mypp=126 mypw=123 opcc=128 opmob=127 opks=163 oppp=122 oppw=122 avd=0 sel=24 cfd=0
CM11 Leonidas (Eran van der Wolf) opp=101 opn=104 opb=106 opr=110 opq=116 myp=101 myn=104 myb=106 myr=110 myq=116 cc=106 mob=112 myks=150 mypp=104 mypw=108 opks=150 oppp=104 oppw=108 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Leopard (Tom Mentel) myp=115 myn=117 myb=118 myr=119 myq=122 opp=114 opn=117 opb=118 opr=120 opq=123 mycc=120 mymob=123 myks=159 mypp=117 mypw=117 opcc=120 opmob=123 opks=152 oppp=116 oppw=117 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Llewellyn (Eran van der Wolf) myp=117 myn=120 myb=118 myr=122 myq=142 opp=117 opn=120 opb=118 opr=122 opq=142 cc=132 mob=131 ks=157 pp=114 pw=114 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Melkor (Cock de Gorter) opp=110 opn=117 opb=121 opr=113 opq=119 myp=110 myn=117 myb=121 myr=113 myq=119 cc=120 mob=120 ks=160 pp=112 pw=115 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Mithrandir III (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=104 opr=105 opq=108 myp=100 myn=103 myb=104 myr=105 myq=108 cc=105 mob=110 ks=150 pp=103 pw=107 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Nazgul (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=103 opr=104 opq=106 myp=100 myn=103 myb=103 myr=104 myq=106 cc=110 mob=110 ks=150 mypp=100 oppp=102 oppw=100 mypw=90 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Nightfire (Mark Evans) opp=100 opn=104 opb=108 opr=112 opq=119 myp=100 myn=104 myb=108 myr=112 myq=119 cc=106 mob=106 ks=170 pp=112 pw=105 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=25
CM11 Oedipus (Evgenii Manev) opp=102 opn=102 opb=102 opr=102 opq=105 myp=102 myn=102 myb=102 myr=102 myq=107 cc=202 mob=57 ks=178 pp=128 pw=37 cfd=0 sop=100 avd=-5 sel=25
CM11 Olorin (Cock de Gorter) opp=116 opn=119 opb=120 opr=119 opq=123 myp=116 myn=119 myb=120 myr=119 myq=123 cc=115 mob=122 myks=150 opks=170 mypp=119 oppp=119 pw=110 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=20
CM11 Pirate (Evgeni Manev) opp=110 opn=107 opb=108 opr=100 opq=113 myp=110 myn=107 myb=108 myr=100 myq=117 opcc=130 mycc=105 mob=115 ks=175 pp=130 pw=95 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Raptor V (Luis Barutti) opp=117 opn=124 opb=129 opr=122 opq=127 myp=117 myn=124 myb=129 myr=122 myq=127 mycc=116 mymob=118 myks=155 mypp=115 mypw=117 opcc=116 opmob=118 opks=154 oppp=115 oppw=117 cfd=-2 avd=2 sel=20
CM11 Rezach (Evgeni Manev) opp=97 opn=97 opb=97 opr=97 opq=100 myp=97 myn=97 myb=97 myr=97 myq=101 cc=102 mob=102 ks=148 pp=128 pw=107 cfd=0 avd=-5 sel=21
CM11 Royal (Luis Barutti) opp=132 opn=120 opb=124 opr=128 opq=135 myp=132 myn=120 myb=124 myr=128 myq=135 cc=106 mob=112 ks=150 pp=103 oppw=109 mypw=148 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Sauron (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=106 opb=110 opr=100 opq=109 myp=100 myn=106 myb=110 myr=100 myq=109 cc=110 mob=110 ks=160 pp=102 pw=105 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Scatha (Cock de Gorter) opp=98 opn=103 opb=103 opr=106 opq=109 myp=98 myn=103 myb=103 myr=106 myq=109 cc=105 mob=110 ks=160 pp=103 pw=107 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Siegfried (Eran van der Wolf) myp=115 myn=125 myb=120 myr=130 myq=145 opp=115 opn=125 opb=120 opr=130 opq=145 cc=125 mob=115 myks=155 opks=160 mypp=115 oppp=110 mypw=120 oppw=120 sel=22
CM11 Smaug (Cock de Gorter) opp=98 opn=101 opb=101 opr=100 opq=105 myp=98 myn=101 myb=101 myr=100 myq=105 cc=105 mob=110 pp=101 pw=101 ks=150 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Smok (Evgenii Manev) opp=102 opn=102 opb=102 opr=102 opq=102 myp=102 myn=102 myb=102 myr=102 myq=102 cc=97 mob=94 ks=171 pp=97 pw=97 cfd=0 avd=3 sel=21
CM11 Splendor (Eran van der Wolf) myp=113 myn=115 myb=115 myr=118 myq=130 opp=113 opn=115 opb=115 opr=118 opq=130 cc=122 mob=119 myks=155 opks=166 mypp=111 oppp=109 mypw=112 oppw=113 sel=22
CM11 Stealth (Graham Banks) opp=100 opn=103 opb=103 opr=104 opq=105 myp=100 myn=103 myb=103 myr=104 myq=105 cc=100 mob=100 ks=140 pp=100 pw=100 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=20
CM11 Thingol (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=105 opr=109 opq=115 myp=100 myn=103 myb=105 myr=109 myq=115 cc=105 mob=110 ks=160 pp=103 mypw=100 oppw=107 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Titter (Luis Barutti) opp=118 opn=120 opb=120 opr=119 opq=121 myp=118 myn=120 myb=120 myr=119 myq=121 mycc=115 mymob=132 myks=150 mypp=111 mypw=120 opcc=115 opmob=130 opks=170 oppp=110 oppw=121 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Torpedo (Mark Evans) myp=130 myn=134 myb=136 myr=134 myq=142 opp=130 opn=134 opb=136 opr=134 opq=142 mycc=138 mymob=138 myks=200 mypp=137 mypw=134 opcc=138 opmob=138 opks=200 oppp=132 oppw=132 avd=-4 cfd=0 sel=25
CM11 Toxic (Graham Banks) opp=120 opn=123 opb=123 opr=126 opq=128 myp=120 myn=123 myb=123 myr=126 myq=128 cc=130 mob=130 ks=160 pp=120 pw=120 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Trail Blazer (Swaminathan) opp=119 opn=122 opb=123 opr=125 opq=126 myp=122 myn=122 myb=123 myr=124 myq=125 cc=125 mob=127 mypp=122 mypw=122 opks=153 oppp=121 oppw=121 myks=165 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=21
CM11 Troll (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=100 opb=100 opr=101 opq=103 myp=100 myn=100 myb=100 myr=101 myq=103 cc=105 mob=110 pp=100 pw=100 ks=150 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=23
CM11 Trumpet (Luis Barutti) opp=115 opn=120 opb=120 opr=125 opq=140 myp=115 myn=120 myb=120 myr=125 myq=140 cc=125 mob=125 ks=160 pp=120 pw=120 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=26
CM11 Tulkas (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=103 opr=105 opq=109 myp=100 myn=103 myb=103 myr=105 myq=109 cc=110 mob=110 ks=150 oppp=102 mypp=100 oppw=100 mypw=95 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=23
CM11 Ultimate Fighter (Eran van der Wolf) myp=118 opp=118 myn=121 opn=121 opb=120 myb=120 myr=123 opr=123 myq=133 opq=133 cc=131 mob=120 ks=161 pp=117 pw=117 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=22
CM11 Variety (Tom Mentel) myp=98 myn=104 myb=104 myr=107 myq=115 opp=98 opn=104 opb=104 opr=107 opq=115 mycc=107 mymob=107 myks=157 mypp=105 mypw=103 opcc=107 opmob=108 opks=158 oppp=105 oppw=104 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=22
CM11 Vilya (Cock de Gorter) opp=100 opn=103 opb=103 opr=104 opq=105 myp=100 myn=103 myb=103 myr=104 myq=105 cc=110 mob=110 ks=150 pp=100 oppw=100 mypw=95 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Whizz-Kid (Swaminathan) opp=100 opn=104 opb=105 opr=107 opq=115 myp=100 myn=104 myb=105 myr=107 myq=115 cc=110 mob=110 ks=160 mypp=103 mypw=98 oppp=103 oppw=106 avd=0 sel=21 cfd=0
CM11 Wing Chun (Luis Barutti) opp=100 opn=107 opb=112 opr=105 opq=110 myp=100 myn=107 myb=112 myr=105 myq=110 mycc=102 mymob=104 myks=120 mypp=101 mypw=103 opcc=102 opmob=104 opks=160 oppp=101 oppw=103 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=18
CM11 Wolfetone (Eran van der Wolf) opp=101 opn=104 opb=106 opr=110 opq=116 myp=101 myn=104 myb=106 myr=110 myq=116 cc=106 mob=112 ks=140 pp=104 pw=108 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Wolfman (Eran van der Wolf) opp=113 opn=115 opb=115 opr=118 opq=130 myp=113 myn=115 myb=115 myr=118 myq=130 cc=131 mob=131 mypp=111 mypw=112 opks=142 oppp=109 oppw=113 myks=142 avd=0 cfd=0 sel=20
CM11 Ynys Wydryn (Luis Barutti) opp=115 opn=120 opb=127 opr=117 opq=125 myp=115 myn=120 myb=127 myr=117 myq=125 mycc=127 mymob=127 myks=154 mypp=109 mypw=118 opcc=127 opmob=127 opks=154 oppp=109 oppw=118 cfd=0 avd=0 sel=21
CM11 Yoda opp=130 opn=130 opb=130 opr=130 opq=130 myp=130 myn=130 myb=130 myr=130 myq=130 mycc=131 mymob=130 myks=120 mypp=130 mypw=110 opcc=130 opmob=130 opks=151 oppp=130 oppw=130 cfd=0 sop=100 avd=1 rnd=0 sel=21 md=99