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View games with sacrifices from the latest ratinglist-testruns (short games)


Here you can see the shortest wins with sacrifices filtered out of the latest ratinglist-testrun. Filtered out by my Interesting Wins Search Tool. Download this cool tool in the "Downloads & Links" section or right here


Many thanks to ChessBase for the pgn-replayer tool, which is very easy to use (only 3 lines of code!) and very powerful - use the fan (propeller?)-icon right near the arrows below the chessboard, to start and stop the online-analyzing with the Fritz-engine! Perhaps you have to clear your browser-cache to see the latest games - otherwise the pgn-replayer does not update the games correctly...if you can not see the chessboard, check, that your browser has Javascript activated or if an AdBlocker is the problem.

A description and a manual of the pgn-replayer can be found here


Latest update: 2024/05/24 (Games taken from UHO-Top15 Ratinglist-testrun of Stockfish 240519

(Tool search options: max. game-length: 50 moves + only games, won by the engine, which was tested). In all games, the first 6 moves (12 plies) are from my UHO-openings. From move 7 of white, the engines started thinking (white always has a measureable advantage after the first 6 moves). The number of games is limited to 20.



Enjoy !