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CCRL Chess324 xxl Ratinglist



On the famous CCRL-website, a very nice Ratinglist is online, using my Chess324 xxl openings (part of my AntiDraw Openings Download. You can download the AntiDraw openings right here)


Additionally, this ratinglist is - very similar to my UHO-Top15 Engines Ratinglist - a huge RoundRobin Engine tournanent, which IMO is awesome.


What is Chess324 xxl?

Chess324 is a subset of DFRC, with kings and rooks on their "normal" positions of classical chess (kings e1/e8, rooks a1,h1/a8,h8). So, in Chess324 no special chess-rules (castling-moves!) are needed.
DFRC is FischerRandomChess (also known as Chess960) but including non-symmetrical positions of the pieces of white and black...

Chess324 xxl means: All Chess324 positions combined with 6 single-step pawn-plies. Example: 1. h3 h6 2. g3 d6 3. d3 b6. So more than 600000 different Chess324 openings were possible and evaluated. And so, it was possible, to make unbalanced Chess324 openings-sets, giving a very low draw-ratio.


From CCRL:

"Thanks to Stefan Pohl at SPCC for the unblanced 3-move Chess324 book used in this tournament Chess324_xxl_big_+090+119"

On 2023/10/22 the draw-ratio of the ratinglist was 53.2% (white wins: 42.1%, black wins: 4.7%)

21000 games were played


Leave SPCC and go to the excellent CCRL Chess324xxl Ratinglist here